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Skill #2    The Worry Solution

The “Worry Solution” is a skill to use when you feel overwhelmed by a problem. We know rationally worrying doesn’t help, and is not an effective method for solving a problem, yet we do it anyway. The following is a solution to transport you from paralyzing worry to progressive problem solving.

1.  In considering your problem, decide what you have power over and what you don’t.

2.  What you don’t have control over, place in the “Powerless Basket”, and SHELF IT. Leave it alone! You are wasting precious energy that can be used more effectively.  Stop the leak!

3.  Place what you do have control over in “The Power Basket.” Now direct your energy to effectively solving the problem. You will find amazing results when you focus your effort on the things you do have control over.

4.  Ask yourself: What would I rather spend my money on? Swamp property or prime real estate in Manhattan?  If you chose Manhattan property, you will focus on what you have power over and leave what you don’t behind.

5.  Remember, this is a skill. It is something that needs to be practiced over and over and over. As with all skills, what you practice becomes internalized and part of who you are.

Imagine your problem being a box of apples that needs to be made into applesauce.  Drop your problem into the food strainer and watch the things you can’t control come out into the waste bowl, and what you do have control over, come out into the applesauce bowl. Take the waste and either throw it away or put it in the garden for compost, and then eat the delicious applesauce.