dragonfly_greenDo you spend too much time focusing on what’ s wrong? Wouldn’t you prefer to direct your attention to what’s right and good? Me too!

Someone once said, “At any given time, there is more right with you than there is wrong with you.” I have always agreed with this statement and find when people focus on their strengths, the energy to correct what is wrong manifests itself. *note: If anyone knows the author of this quote, please let me know and I will give due credit.

Years ago I wearied of the pathology driven treatment models for counseling and adopted a strengths-based, positive psychology approach.  Doing this was not easy because at the time there was very little information from which to draw.  There were books and books about what was wrong, but very little about what constituted well-being. Finally after an exhaustive search, I found a list of indicators; evidence pointing towards what represents a mentally healthy individual. I then created a questionnaire containing those indicators along with other questions, and began administering it to my clients. People generally love it because very few know what constitutes good mental health, other than just being happy.

“Weekly Wellness Check-in” will be an ongoing weekly post, most likely appearing on Mondays, in which I will present one indicator of positive mental health. Take a look at it, and think about how it applies to you, keeping in mind that it is an important factor of well-being. We all do well at some things, and need to work on others. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10; One, meaning I am a failure at this, and ten, meaning I have no room for improvement. Guess what folks? Nobody may record a 1 or a 10 because there are no failures, and nobody is perfect.  If you are happy with where you placed yourself, you can consider the indicator a strength.  If you aren’t, think about a “realistic” place you would like to get to and how you might accomplish it. My wish is that you will give it some gentle thought and not overwhelm yourself with setting unrealistic high expectations.

QiIndicator #1

I get a good night’s sleep so I feel healthy and alert