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Hey Everyone!

I hope you have had a great week since I last posted.  Did you get the chance to read my re-blogged post on Mr. Rogers?  I took a lot of time improving and updating it and would like you to take a look-see.

Also I re-blogged a post from Http://parentingandstuff.wordpress.com/ which showed a Ted Talk called What’s So Funny About Mental Illness featuring comedian Ruby Wax who has bipolar disorder. She delivers a poignant message with a cup full of sugar, and it is well worth the 9 minutes it takes to watch.

*Disclaimer* This post is raw and unedited. Spelling and grammar mistakes abound so beware… and be kind 🙂

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on two posts. One will remain in the shadows until it is complete, but I want to share with you my plan for the second.

motivation quote

This week I was going to write about how to get things done when motivation isn’t anywhere to be found. I had some specific tips that I have found helpful to both myself and my clients that I was going to share, but as I started asking the people in my life what is hard for them to get started on, I learned this topic is much bigger and too important for one post. Let me walk you through my thought process…


1. I looked over the list of tasks people told me they have difficulty getting started on.

2. Then I wrote statements I have heard in connection with each of the challenges. For example:

 “Homework!!! I dread doing my homework. I don’t like what I’m studying and I can’t see the point. I’d rather be eating Oreos and playing Call of Duty*Another disclaimer:  The statements I have written are a combination of my voice and others. They DO NOT represent any one person.

3. As I looked at the different statements it became clear to me that underneath each challenge, there are multiple reasons for not being able to get started…or cause lack of motivation

4. Looking at each statement, I listed the possible barriers. Take the homework issue for example

-Not seeing the importance of the task

-Really preferring  to do something else

Hobbies consuming attention

-Not wanting to do it because of making the wrong choice of study

5. After doing this with every statement I noticed a pattern which was really enlightening


6. I grouped the patterns into categories and came up with 9 reasons (to this point) for why getting things done is hard.

8. I asked myself how can we overcome a problem if we don’t understand it? That would be like someone giving you an answer without listening to your question… or cutting a tree down with a butter knife instead of an axe. I’m sure there is a better analogy, but you get the idea.


…So I have decided to create an ongoing series called the “The Power to Do”, which I hope will do justice to this essential topic. 

Stay tuned…and thanks for you interest. Everyday, anywhere between 20-100 people are reading this blog. I know you all have great ideas and I would like your help in making “The Power To Do” meaningful by sending your comments and more importantly, your suggestions. Talk to your friends and if you are so inclined, ask them to become a reader.

Hope this all made sense to you. If you have any questions, just ask.

Shine on 🙂