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Meet NoMo the Suckerfish

Meet NoMo the Suckerfish

Hey Everyone, let me introduce you to NoMo (nicknamed for No Motivation) the suckerfish. NoMo’s salary comes from the commission he earns convincing  unsuspecting humans that motivation must be present for action to take place. Annually he makes a seven figure salary providing an upper class standard of living for his family. NoMo’s favorite treat is an energy drink called “HDMG” an acronym for Human Drain-My Gain, which is the byproduct sucked from human inactivity. Just look at that belly! His mother is very proud.

Let’s begin by looking at the barriers to getting things done. The first barrier I will address is the mistaken belief that motivation must be present to get things done.

Energy Sucker #1  The belief that motivation must be present to get things done

Most of us have experienced the energy we receive from motivation, and assume it is a pre-requisite for moving forward. “I’ll do it when I feel like it,” is the barometer for initiating action. Often we get super stoked about pursuing a goal but after a period of time, lose the fire. In other words, when the newness of the idea wears off, the energy leaves with it. What’s a person to do?


One of the biggest barriers to getting things done is the belief that we must be: motivated, feel like it, or want to accomplish whatever the task may be. It can be as simple as emptying the dishwasher or complex as getting the college degree you have always wanted.

Motivation gives us the natural energy we crave. We often assume it’s the only fuel that will run our motor. If it isn’t present, we are out of gas. 😦


However, there’s an alternative fuel source: Willpower, generated through self discipline.  Think of a recumbent bike or an elliptical trainer. When you position yourself on the equipment, it doesn’t turn on until you begin peddling or stepping.

Wanting to to do something is not a prerequisite for doing it!


Once we get moving, the energy we associate with motivation often appears 🙂

When we think about doing something, are we thinking about the effort it will require or are we thinking about the end result of obtaining our goal?

Question: How many times do we confuse ourselves, thinking that being motivated is a higher priority than actually attaining our goal?


For the sake of conversation, let’s use cleaning out the basement as the desired goal.


Cultivate willpower by visualizing a detailed picture of your goal.

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Visualize what achieving that goal would look like, including how you and others would feel.

Spend some time embedding that picture in your mind, and feel it in every fiber of your being.

Next , MOVE and DO

Remember the magic formula for growth is: Know – Feel – Act  (FYI, yesterday I re-posted an earlier post called “Tap into Your Resilience” which explains the magic formula, Know-Feel-Act.)

Postscript: There will be times when moving…or doing does not activate motivation. During these times, recognize that achievement trumps motivation and is rewarding in and of itself.

The short video below contains some of the latest research on cultivating willpower. It’s energizing just watch it!

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Until next time…Shine on 🙂


Bye bye NoMoNo more HDMG for you :-)

Bye bye NoMo
No more HDMG for you 🙂