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Let’s take a little walk together and talk…

As human beings we have basic drives.

One is to be connected to others,

Another is to be effective in whatever we choose to do.

Here’s one we don’t talk about as often. It can be called the pleasure principle, which is defined by dictionary.com as an automatic mental drive or instinct to avoid pain and seek pleasure.


The problem arrives when we identify leaving our comfort zone with pain, and instinctually identify it as a threat. If we are not conscious of it’s primitive trickery, we fall subject to a cloaked irrational fear that somehow we are going to die if we feel pain… or in this case leave our comfort zone.

Studies have shown that mental challenges such as learning a new language, starting a new hobby, and placing ourselves in new situations literally strengthens the brain. It’s like going to the brain gym: No pain-no gain. The discomfort we feel engaging in these strengthening activities is the evidence our brains are getting stronger. 

So have courage and step out of your comfort zone. Make “Feel the Pain” your new mantra, and do the things you have been putting off. Each time you do…each time you feel the pain… your brain receives the gain and you feel a sense of accomplishment.


Have a great week and until next time, Shine on 🙂


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