Hey Everyone,

Even though you can’t see comments posted as a thread, they are there. The comment button in the upper right corner will say either leave a comment…that means there are no comments, or the number of comment, such as 2 comments if there are comments.  Click on it and read. Come on now, don’t be shy. Make your voice heard 🙂 and let’s increase that number.

Wabi Sabi Singing Bowl

Wabi Sabi Singing Bowl

P.S. I’m learning to draw with colored pencils so that I can illustrate my own blog. How daring is that? Never taken a lesson in my life, but I am having fun. My drawings look like my five year-old grandchildren’s but I don’t care, and in an effort to expose my vulnerability I’m going to share my first drawing. I shouldn’t have to say this but I am going to take lessons.

Just keeping it real…

Shine on 🙂