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Every now and then I see something so exciting to me, I just have to share it.  I’m always amazed with Ted Talks but this one, already seen by 4,000,000 people really grabbed me.

Talk about “keeping it real,” Brene Brown shares her research on shame and vulnerability and explains that those two difficult emotions are the foundation of what she calls a “wholehearted life,” and the birthplace of connectedness and innovation.

Trust me, I know everyone is busy but take 20 minutes to watch this. I promise you will thank me.

What makes you feel vulnerable, and can you see that if we choose to live a wholehearted life we must keep walking, even if we’re afraid? Most important things in life require taking a risk. When have you taken a risk to be your authentic self, and then been grateful that you did? Press the comment button and share your experiences. We’re all in this together and benefit from hearing from those who have had the courage to be themselves. It rubs off you know.

I’m back from guest blogging, and planning some pretty cool stuff in the near future. Help me increase my audience by sharing this blog with your friends and family. I’m looking forward to building a community of like-minded people devoted to cultivating their resilience and making a difference in the lives of others. I have an idea… if each one of you shared http://www.barbarascovillelcsw.com with two people, we would really begin to grow. Let’s build this together.

Take care my friends. Until next time…

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