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P1010607A beautiful young woman once shared with me how she used her talent for art to channel negative emotions.

It was a normal session. We talked for about twenty minutes, and then she began searching through her purse. She eventually found what she was looking for and pulled out three of most beautiful paper cranes I had ever seen.

I was mesmerized by their beautiful colors and then before I knew it, she began to unfold the cranes until they were their original square shape. She held them up for me to see.

Each square revealed a work of art expressing dark emotion. The pictures were dramatic and even a little scary. While in the shape of a crane, the horrifying images were completely undetectable.

I asked her if she was hiding her emotion metaphorically behind a pretty picture, or if she was releasing her demons into flight. I think her response was “both.” To this day, I am so impressed. I love paper cranes and have always wanted to know how to make them, and this added a completely new dimension.

Cranes are fabled birds said to live for 1000 years. They represent, happiness, longevity, spiritual enlightenment, health and peace. Legend has it that if you make 1000 cranes, a wish will be granted unto you.

Shortly after the end of World War II, the folded origami cranes also came to symbolize a hope for peace through Sadako Sasaki and her unforgettable story of perseverance. Diagnosed with leukemia after being exposed to radiation after the bombing of Hiroshima, Sadako became determined to fold 1,000 cranes in hopes of recovering good health, happiness, and a world of eternal peace. Although she completed 644 before she died, her classmates folded the remaining 356 to honor her. A statue was raised in the Hiroshima Peace Park to commemorate her strong spirit… Today this practice of folding 1,000 cranes represents a form of healing and hope during challenging times.… ” http://www.sos-walk.org/sos/crane.htm

Start with regular computer paper. If you cut 2 ½ ” off the vertical side you will be left with a 5 ½ inch strip that when cut in half, will be enough for two cranes.



Use markers, colored pencils, crayons or what ever you like, to empty your emotions onto the paper. You can draw your own picture, write a journal entry, or my personal favorite; color a mandala. We know that coloring intricate designs can transform difficult emotion.

Here is a great website to download mandala coloring pages: http://www.coloringpages1001.com/coloring-pages/mandala/

Creativity a great way to channel any emotion but is especially effective with negative emotion. Why is that you ask… Because creativity and problem solving flow through the same channel and become one in the same, making creativity both engaging and satisfying.

My son and daughter in law, Ben and Seungjoo will demonstrate how to make a paper crane “Korean Style.”


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I hope you enjoyed the video. I think it’s absolutely charming 🙂 Are you ready to start your 1000 cranes. I am.

Well that’s all for this week. For the month of November I am participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and will be doing some guest blogging.  This might be it for original posts, with the exception of Self Discovery the Michelangelo Way, and perhaps a few nudges toward The Thanks”giving” Cup Campaign. How are you all doing on that? I have two cups filled. I’m looking forward to counting it all up to see how many meals I’m providing on Thanksgiving 🙂 

993722_10200814480512054_573014598_nUntil next time, may you find your cup (your Thanks”giving” Cup that is) FULL 🙂

Barbara (The Blog Whisperer)