An oldie but a goodie…more later. Happy New Year 2014!

Barbara Scoville, LCSW


Crackers, cheese ball, sour cream, fresh artisan bread, bean dip fixings, and tortilla chips are all necessities for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Along with the throngs of last minute shoppers, we made our way to the local grocery store. While there, my son saw an acquaintance from his youth who had had a well-publicized tragic childhood. He walked up to him, said “Hello,” and asked how he was doing. The man’s reply was, “Not very good. I’ve had a really hard year but tomorrow is New Year’s and I get to start all over.”

Last night shortly after the clock struck midnight, my daughter suggested we try something different and all write down our New Year’s resolutions, to be placed in a time capsule not to be opened until next New Year’s Eve. Almost everyone gave her a hard time but eventually acquiesced. The little ones were most…

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