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Pioneers of Peace™ Thanks”Giving” Cup Campaign

Between Sept 1 and Thanksgiving Day, Pioneers of Peace™ teams up with World Food Program USA through our annual Thanks “Giving” Cup Campaign. We collect our spare change for the purpose of providing school meals to the world’s hungriest children. Just 25 cents feeds a hungry child in school for a day.


We Don’t

 … Ask you for money you don’t have

… Ask you to forgo your holiday gift giving

… Ask you to starve so that you can feel the pain

… Ask you to give up your family vacation

… Ask for an ongoing monthly donation

… Ask you to donate to an organization that doesn’t have a track record

… Ask you to give Pioneers of Peace™ your money

We DO ask

… That you find a cup worthy of holding precious coins that will pay for school


… That over the course of the campaign you fill the cup with your loose change

… That you look under your cushions, empty the bottom of your purses, search through your junk drawers, pick up coins off the street, and send your children on a hunt for lost coins waiting to be transformed into nutritionally complete meals.

…That between Thanksgiving Day and Dec 1st you liberate the buying power of the change you collected by donating it to WFPUSA on the Pioneer of Peace Thanks”Giving”Cup Campaign link

We Hope

 …That you take this easy opportunity to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children

…That your choice to help will have a ripple effect of goodness in the world

…That your children will have the seeds of gratitude and compassion planted in their hearts

…That you know you have

…That children who would otherwise be searching for food or working, can receive an education.

…That through all of our efforts, we will see the end of hunger in our lifetime