Greeting Everyone,

I know it has been a long time since I last wrote, but I’ve been involved in a really big project.

On October 3rd, I officially registered the nonprofit corporation I have been dreaming about for years.


Check us out on our website: http://www.pioneersofpeace.org

Currently we are in the middle of our annual fundraiser for the World Food Program USA’s, School Meals Program. Heres a little info graph to explain what we’re trying to do…


You can learn more about it on our Facebook page, “Pioneers of Peace Thanks “Giving” Cup Campaign” and on our website at http://www.pioneersofpeace.org

… and little bit more about Pioneers of Peace Inc.

Pioneers of Peace ™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating peace by fostering compassion, altruism, and gratitude. We do our part in relieving local and global suffering by providing humanitarian aid to women and children.



As Pioneers of Peace (POP) we are dedicated to the promotion of human development and resilience. Our efforts are founded on principles of gratitude, compassion, and altruism.  We choose optimism over cynicism. We recognize that even simple acts of kindness are powerful, whether performed by individuals or groups. Such efforts alleviate suffering and elevate consciousness. Acts of generosity inspire others and foster a spirit of giving; we are thus committed to raising the awareness of individuals and groups who are actively engaged in making a positive difference in the world.

As pioneers of peace we make a personal commitment to our own kindness and growth, understanding that we cannot ask of the world what we are unwilling to do ourselves.  We hold that the act of “giving back” is the strongest evidence of resilience; therefore as Pioneers of Peace, We Walk, Not Just Talk.

Pioneers of Peace ™ has a two-fold mission.

1) We cultivate peace by promoting compassion, altruism, and gratitude.

  • We define peace as individual well-being, and goodwill toward others.
  • We believe well-being is enhanced, on every level by focusing on the needs of others.
  • We seek to strengthen pro-social values across all age groups through education and opportunities to practice pro-social behavior.
  • We walk, not just talk.

2) We relieve suffering by providing humanitarian aid to women and children

  • We support The Zero Hunger Challenge[i] by providing school meals
  • We support World Food Program USA, in their effort to fund the School Meals Program[ii].
  • We believe hunger is a solvable problem
  • We utilize fundraisers, the sale of unique products and educational presentations to accomplish our humanitarian goals.

[i] The Zero Hunger Challenge is a global initiative, which aims to build support around the goal of achieving Zero Hunger. It was launched by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and call on everyone-governments, the private sector, non-government organizations (NGOs), and the public- to do their part to achieve this goal. It is based on a shared conviction that hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes. http://www.wfp.org/zero-hunger

[ii] No child should go to school hungry. Today, an estimated 66 million students across the developing world attend primary school hungry, with 23 million children in Africa alone.

School meals can be life-changing for the world’s poorest children. School meals also help to get students into the classroom, giving them an important key to a better future—an education.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) provides school meals to more than 24 million children each year. Just 25 cents provides a child with a nutritious meal, such as porridge, rice or beans. School meals help to improve children’s nutrition, ability to learn and life chances. School feeding also gives poor families an incentive to send children to school, especially girls. http://wfpusa.org/what-wfp-does/school-meals

Come on over to http://www.pioneersofpeace.org and check us out 🙂

Until next time may you find your cup half full 🙂