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IMG_2577The children were all nestled snug in their beds…while visions of filled red cups danced in their heads

Last night, in many homes, children went to bed with a new understanding of what Thanksgiving means.

Either before or after their bounteous feasts, they spilled the change they had collected through the month of November out on tables and counted how many school meals they could give.

They knew every combination of 25 cents they could find would feed one child.


The excitement built as they saw the meals adding up. How empowered they felt when they realized that by their own efforts, they made a difference in not just one person’s life, but in many cases 50 plus lives.

Adult’s hearts swelled as they saw the seeds of altruism taking root in their children.

The feelings the kids were expressing became contagious, and before you knew it, adults were adding to the count by pulling out dollar bills and running out to their cars to find whatever change they could to keep the spirit of giving alive.

A small child beaming with smiles was overheard to say “We’ve got a billion meals…don’t even get me started.” The joy was spreading farther and farther and before the end of the night everyone got a glimpse of where true happiness comes from… GIVING.

As of this writing Pioneers of Peace™Thanks “Giving” Cup Campaign has made a difference by providing 3,276 school meals

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There is a wonderful synergistic energy that is created between giver and receiver. Everyone is equally enlarged by the experience.

This has truly been a beautiful Thanksgiving, and the beginning of many more to come.

Check us out on our Facebook page. Pioneers of Peace™Thanks “Giving” Cup Campaign, and if you are so inclined to give to our cause, here is the link http://my.wfpusa.org/popthanksgivingcupcampaign

May you always find your cup half full 🙂