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POP “Project Love Bundles” is a charitable campaign to let homeless youth in Salt Lake City know they are not forgotten this Valentine’s Day.

Each bundle contains: a warm fleece scarf, hand warmers, a new pair of socks, protein bar, lip balm, and a paper crane with a handwritten quote.

Please help us by donating new 8″ X 60″ fleece scarves 

“Project Love Bundles” Scarf Tutorial

Each scarf is 8″ x 60″
The instructions that follow are for a 2 yd piece of fabric because it makes the best use of yardage. If you have a smaller piece, just make sure the scarf is 8″ x 60″

1. After removing selvedge edge, cut a 2 yd piece of 60″ wide fleece into 9, 8″ strips.

2. For fringe, cut 1″w x 3″h 8 times. (8 fringes)

IMG_42563. Fold fringe up to 3′ cut line and cut a SMALL slit on fold.

4. With each piece of fringe: Fold up to slit and pull it through making a knot.

IMG_4255IMG_4252HELP!!! All of my sewing friends!! If there is a better way to describe these instructions please let me know.

Also if you would be willing to donate completed scarves we would love you forever. We need 200 scarves by Feb 4 so they can be assembled into bundles and donated by Feb 5. 

Drop off location will be announced soon. If you live outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, Donations can be sent to:

Barbara Scoville, LCSW

5635 South Waterbury Way Suite C-202

SLC, UT 84121