Interested in knowing more about The Homeless Youth Resource Center? Take a look at this.

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SALT LAKE CITY — During the day, Natascha Deininger walks around Salt Lake City, looking for those living there during the night.

“They’re kind of falling through the cracks,” Deininger said.

Throughout the winter months, the city’s homeless youth are often times left out in the cold. Deininger hopes to make the nights a little easier, as part of Volunteers of America’s youth outreach program.

“They’ll get all the blankets they can,” Deininger said. “They’ll get hand warmers, foot warmers and just hope they’ll make it through the night.”

While the VOA has a daytime shelter to offer food, clothing and services, they don’t have a place for homeless youth to stay at night.

It’s a need they’re planning to fill with the construction of a $6 million project.

“We know that there needs to be a place for youth, both to be safe, but more importantly…

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