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Hello Friends,

If you haven’t checked out the humanitarian arm of Barbara Scoville LCSW, take a  peek at the website www. pioneersofpeace.org. This site, created by myself is designed to cultivate compassion and provide opportunities to give back to your community and the world. There is a wonderful synergy that takes place in the space between giver and receiver. I hope you are making room for it in your life because it is the energy that gives rise to resilience and wisdom.

Currently we are hosting a project called “Operation Love Bundles.” If you have been following this blog, you may recall we did the same thing last February for Valentine’s Day. lovebundlesOct

Essentially we are collecting needed items for our homeless youth to brave the impending cold weather. In Salt Lake City alone, there are over 500 homeless youth, many who are sleeping on the streets and in the canyons.

Our goal is to assemble 200 “Love Bundles” and donate them to VOA Homeless Youth Resource Center by Oct 22.


Each bundle consists of

  • fleece scarf (Check out the scarf making tutorial at www.pioneersofpeace.org)
  • protein bar
  • pair of new socks
  • handwarmers
  • lip balm
  • paper crane with a inspirational quote written on it

We are asking for donations of hand warmers, new socks, protein bars and handmade fleece scarfs.

While you are out shopping this weekend please remember our homeless youth and throw a package of one of these items in your cart.

Contact me at barbarascoville@pioneersofpeace. org for drop off locations.